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O-Check Wrapping Paper Book


This wonderful paper book contains 16 sheets of patterned paper with designs that include wild animals and plants, as well as 5 plain paper sheets. There are also helpful extras for wrapping gifts: a message page, a sheet of label stickers and also decoration tags. Keep at hand for emergency gift wrapping sessions, spurts of creativity and practical moments like covering a textbook!


  • 16 Patterned Wrapping Paper Sheets (Different designs, approx. 68 x 51 cm)
  • 5 Plain Paper Sheets (Different colours and texturesss, approx. 25.5 x 34 cm)
  • 1 Message Page (w/ 10 cut-outs)
  • 1 Label Page (22 assorted labels)
  • 1 Decoration Tag Page (15 Tags)

Book Size: 25.5 x 34 x 1 cm

O-Check Korean Wrapping Paper Book

Korean O-Check Wrapping Paper Deco Book

O-Check Korean Wrapping Paper Stationery Pattern Book


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